Quality Policy

Proper and Accurate

Quality Management System

Establishing and executing the Quality Management System with the participation of all members of the ELSAN family, To provide information and resources to achieve strategic goals and objectives, to increase the quality awareness of our employees and stakeholders, to develop the system in the light of technological developments to produce products with high efficiency and quality, to comply with legal and other requirements, to increase Customer Satisfaction by taking into account customer needs and expectations and to use the quality management system. We are committed to continuous improvement.


All test devices used in checking enameled coil wire are available in our laboratory.

Adopting customer satisfaction as a principle, our company has invested in some special testing devices (such as Paraffin measurement device, Tangent Delta Test Device) in order to meet the expectations of our customers, although it is not mandatory in the standards.

The calibration of our Test Devices is carried out by organizations with ISO 17025 Certificate.



You can take a look at our Quality Certificates.

To establish it with the participation of all members of the Elsan family and to carry it out with the participation of all members, to reach the highest efficiency and quality criteria on a world scale and to constantly examine and continuously improve the system, efficiency and quality in the light of contemporary developments.

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