Our Policy


Quality Policy

To establish the Quality Management System with the participation of all members of the ELSAN family and execution, to provide information and resources to achieve strategic goals and objectives, to increase the quality awareness of our employees and stakeholders, to develop the system in the light of technological developments to produce high efficiency and quality products, to comply with legal and other conditions, to increase customer satisfaction by taking into account customer needs and expectations, and we are committed to continuously improving the quality management system.

Environmental Policy

Minimizing the risks for the prevention of environmental pollution and protecting natural resources, reducing the environmental impacts arising from our activities, ensuring the disposal and recycling of wastes by reducing them at the source, working within the scope of combating climate change and reducing greenhouse gasses, complying with legal regulations and other conditions, and increasing environmental performance for we are committed to continuously improving the environmental management system.

Occupational Health and Safety Policy

In the field of Occupational Health and Safety, to prevent occupational accidents by minimizing the risks that will endanger the health and safety of our employees and improving working conditions, to ensure the consultation and participation of employees/employee representatives, to increase the awareness of our employees on occupational health and safety, to comply with legal regulations and other conditions and to carry out continuous improvement activities.

Energy Policy

To use existing energy resources in the most efficient way, to ensure effective energy use without sacrificing comfort,to comply with the necessary legislative obligations and other conditions, to comply with the expectations of the relevant parties, to prefer energy efficient technologies and applications in production and all processes, to purchase energy efficient products, equipment and services, to use energy and natural resources efficiently, to raise awareness of employees by providing the necessary resources on natural resource consumption and energy efficiency, to continuously improve energy performance, to improve environmental and economic We are committed to establishing and executing an energy management system based on sustainability, continuous review and improvement.

HR Policy

Our main goal is to create an environment where our employees are happy, they embrace our organization and everyone wants to work. In this direction; To create and implement Human Resources Strategies that will increase the contribution of our employees in achieving our business goals, reveal their potential, be measurable, transparent, fair, listen to their employees and improve themselves, within the framework of our group's values and culture; to create innovative employees and teams that are committed to ethical values, sensitive to the environment, creating value, aiming for the best and efficient, to protect the rights of our employees within the framework of the law and to we are committed to ensuring that communication runs smoothly.

Information Security Policy

ELSAN, to ensure the confidentiality, integrity and accessibility of all information assets and processes, to implement our information security management system in a way that fulfills the requirements of the standard, to eliminate risks and to take all necessary measures to ensure business continuity, to restore the system in a short time in extraordinary situations, to comply with legal and other requirements. We are committed to complying with, to increase the information security awareness of our suppliers and employees, and to ensure the continuous improvement of our systems.