Our Policy


To establish and run a proper and correct Quality Management System with the participation of all the members of ELSAN family.

By adopting Envionmental Management System, to minimize the risks to the environment and protect natural resources according to use and follow technology, to monitor and inforce legal and other requirements, to provide disposal for proper hazardous waste to enviromental, prevention of dirtiness, recycling, re-evaluation.

To obey with legal requirements in the Occupational Health and Safety, to minimize the risk to endanger the health and safety of our staff, to carry out continuous improvement activities to prevent accidents.

Using existing energy resources  most efficiently, providing the effective use of energy without compromising comfort, matching national and international laws and regulations, choose energy-efficient technologies and practices in all phases of production, energy-efficient products, equipment and services purchased, use energy and natural resources efficiently,  providing the necessary resources to bring some awareness among employees about natural resource consumption and energy efficiency, continuous improvement of energy performance, making environmentally and economically sustainable, continuously reviewing and improving an energy management system based on the set up and carry out.

All stakeholders (customers, suppliers, employees) are as a family for us. Employees are the core of this family. In this context, employees' motivation and commitment to Elsan keep in the forefront, to provide continuing education and self-development opportunities to our employees, career planning for employees to maximize their productivity, achieve equality of opportunity among our employees,  to monitor transparent and open management's policy of  for our employees, to observe the protection of the moral and material rights of employees,  to protect the rights of employees within the law and to ensure that the communication between each other in a healthy way (to prevent verbal and physical harassment), our employees, our company and our customers' confidential information not to be shared with the second person or organization, to increase their impact on system and product and to encourage them by recommendation system, to increase their knowledge and skills and continuously review, update and develop the Human Resources Policy is fundamental principles for us.

Because we know that the happiness of Elsan family depend on its members,to be able to have a guarantee of meeting basic requirement today and in the future, to be able to be awareness of Environmental and the awareness of Occupational Health and Safety  to be able to be individuals feeling proud of their products, to be able to be individuals faithfully depending on each other with love, respect and trust, in short, to enable happiness.

The only way to able to do this is to apply the Integrated Management System successfully.