Bereket Group

Founded in 1995, Bereket Enerji is a private corporation focused on energy generation and the first autoproducer company that invested in hydroelectricity plants in Turkey by using its own capital. Currently it has 11 plants with a power generation capacity of 500.000.000 kW/h .

Aydem is the first private power distribution and retail sale company in Turkey offering services to 1.5 million subscribers in its distribution area covering the provinces of Aydin, Denizli and Mugla , in accordance with the Electricity Market Law.

The company is established for the purpose of contributing to making use of rich geothermal resources of our country and firstly,  it started by working on residential heating in the district of Sarayköy in Denizli.Currently 5000 residence are provided with heating through geothermal energy.

Founded in 1985, it aims to market the marble reserves of our country within Turkey and abroad. It has integrated facilities comprising of 4 mines that are still active and a plant. It has provided marble to over 100 5-star hotels and monumental buildings and continues to export marble to all around the world.

Pinarim Gida Ltd. Sti. is founded in 1999. In 2000, Pinarim Gida Ltd. Sti. acquired a franchise of Pinar and started to distribute & market foodstuff and various basic goods to provinces of Denizli and Muğla as well as their districts.

Our company which was founded in 1982 has been active for 24 years.
The products we manufacture in our firm are sheets that are obtained by collecting chromed leather particles extracted from leather surfaces, coating it with fiber to obtain leather dough and dry it on percolating bands. These leather sheets obtained are made available in different thicknesses and quality.